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Payroll Management

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    To be the most trusted and preferred indigenous brand in providing corporate support services.

    Firstcode Limited

    Payroll Management

    We assist you with our payroll outsourcing services. We know how challenging it is to manage payroll, keeping up with the tax office, social security, etc.

    Payroll Management Services

    This service ensures accurate and timely compensation to employees while complying with relevant tax laws and regulations.

    Salary Processing:

    We compute and manage employee remuneration in accordance with their specified compensation frameworks, encompassing regular pay, overtime, bonuses, and additional allowances.

    Deductions and Withholdings

    We effectively oversee and precisely subtract diverse deductions from employees' salaries, including taxes, social security contributions, and other deductions mandated by local regulations.

    Record Keeping

    We ensure the precision and currency of records detailing employee earnings, deductions, and other pertinent payroll information, crucial for both record-keeping and compliance purposes.

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