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Who We Are

We are your Go-To company for professional services. We help set up and manage businesses in Ghana, and across the sub-region through market entry and outsourcing.

Our Company

We are Firstcode

We are Firstcode, your Go-To company for professional services. We help set up and manage businesses in Ghana, and across the sub-region through market entry and outsourcing. We focus on medium-sized to large enterprises.

Our model involves setting you up in a marketplace and handling your back-office operations, while you focus on your core business. We do this by coordinating all the activities required for your new or expanding business in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to that, we remain your trusted outsource vendor for your Accounting, Tax, Payroll & HR.

Our Vision

We continue to strive towards our vision “to be the most trusted and preferred indigenous brand in providing corporate support services.”

We are indeed a purpose-led professional services firm with a focus on serving clients, employees, and shareholders.  We have one statement that reminds us of the reason why we exist:helping our clients to retain control over their productivity. In a fast-changing regulatory landscape and increasingly complex world of business, we create trust and build confidence for new and expanding businesses through the work we do every day.

Our team reflects our desire to become the employer of choice in our industry. We develop strategies to attract, motivate and retain key talent. We continue to bring together the right people to listen and solve problems that will spark smiles for investors and leave a lasting impression on business managers.


Our leaders comprise board members, senior advisors, and management staff who provide strategic and operational direction to our team of professionals who manage complex tasks and deliver lasting solutions to our cherished clients.  We also draw on expertise and experience within a network of resources to provide value for our clients.

We consider managing workplace culture as a critical function, and we are highly intentional about making it work for our people.

Our culture- how our people interact, behave, and get things done around the workplace, communicates our personality within, and also to clients.

We understand the need to cultivate, manage and sustain a healthy culture where people learn and grow. Every employee and affiliate of Firstcode accepts and takes responsibility for preserving and promoting the culture and values that drive our business. To win, and keep you in the bracket of our success, we believe we must stay true to our values.

These are the pillars that construct our people-focused culture where employees derive satisfaction from flexibility, collaboration, and communication to deliver value to our clients. 

Firstcode Limited

Our Story

Though usually exciting, we can’t tell it all. We make new stories by the day, thanks to our cherished clients and partners.

Founded in 2013 as a fully indigenous Ghanaian company, we have evolved but maintained our focus as a professional services company, providing corporate support to foreign and indigenous investors who seek to do business in Ghana and explore new markets in Africa.

Over the years, we have developed robust systems and built a team of knowledgeable professionals who make our clients happy by demonstrating an understanding of the Ghanaian business landscape and the emerging markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We have, and continue to provide actionable solutions to multinational companies, SMEs, and startups experiencing issues they can’t deal with in-house. Our services have been sought when businesses want to establish in Ghana, and the sub-region, and also when entrepreneurs and business managers want to outsource their back-end support services while they focus on growth. Most of our private sector clients continue to grow, create jobs and contribute to national income.

Today, we are excited when major actors in the business community consider our brand as the foremost professional services firm for market entry support and business process outsourcing. We continue to fuel our passion for helping our clients navigate the fast-changing business and regulatory environment.

Providing tailored solutions to individuals and businesses alike.

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