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Accounting & Tax Advisory Services

Our Practice Areas


We provide third-party book-keeping and account support services. We extend our accounting services by providing accountants for on-site treasury functions. Our in-house accounting system and bespoke software allows us to prepare Management Accounts, Financial Statements and Forensic Accounting Reports to conform to the generally accepted accounting standards (including IFRS) and practices.
Accounting Services
We also assist you with payroll outsourcing services. We know how challenging it is to manage payroll; keeping up with the tax office, social security, etc. Our goal is to help our clients achieve tangible benefits in the areas of cost saving as well as increase service level performances.
Our Accounting Services include the following
  • Setting up Accounting system
  • Development of Accounting policies and procedures
  • Management of clients’ Accounts payable and receivable
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly financial reports. This includes the following:
    • Profit and Loss Account
    • Balance Sheet Statement
    • Statement of Changes in Equity
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Directors’ Report
    • Management Report
    • Accounts Payable and Receivable Ageing Report
    • General Ledger
  • Budgeting and Budgetary Control.
    • Perform monthly, quarterly and half-yearly Variance Analysis Report
  • Maintaining Fixed Asset Register for clients
Our system capabilities enable us to offer improved services to our clients. In an effort to provide the quality and responsive service, we are continually expanding our service offering to meet the growing needs of our clients. 
Tax Advisory Services
Our esteemed team of tax professionals have broad knowledge of international and Ghanaian tax laws and offer expert advice on a wide range of tax issues which includes the following services;
  • Global Employer Services 
Our service covers areas such as expatriate tax services, compensation and benefits, optimizing employee share plans and advising on tax implications of such plans for both the employer and employee. Our team helps companies harmonize various aspects related to a globally mobile workforce, to address worldwide compliance with employees' individual and payroll reporting and filing requirements.
  • Income Tax Accounting Services
Our team of seasoned tax professionals and tax accountants help companies minimize their corporate income tax, and advise on other risk areas such as Withholding taxes, Pay As You Earn (Payroll taxes), Gift tax, Capital Gain tax.

Various tax and non-tax incentives are offered to persons according to the industry and/ or location of the business. The incentives range from reduced corporate tax rates on certain income to tax holidays. 
  • International Tax Services
Our team of seasoned tax professionals help companies deal with the complexities of multiple tax systems and assist them take advantage of tax credits through double taxation agreements and treaties among countries.
  • Private Client and Personal Income Tax Services
We always seek to gain a thorough understanding of individual clients’ tax issues and objectives and advise them on personal tax reliefs, tax credits, tax efficient investments among others.
  • Company Limited by Guarantee Tax services
Our team of tax experts offer professional tax advice to Companies Limited by Guarantee, mostly Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on tax compliance relating to various tax obligations. 
  • Indirect Tax services
Indirect tax advisory services offering includes but not limited to;
    ▪ Assistance in review of business operations from an indirect tax compliance perspective
    ▪ Advise on matters pertaining to import and export of goods and various tax incentive schemes pertaining to duty free import/ export of goods or services under the Ghana Trade Policy
    ▪ Conducting due diligence reviews from indirect tax perspective
    ▪ Assist clients in the application for tax refunds
    ▪ Customs duties and customs post-clearance audit support
    ▪ Excise duty advisory services
    ▪ Advisory on other indirect taxes such as import levies, National Health Insurance and GETFund levies.

We understand the complex areas under indirect taxation and offer the right expertise to clients to ensure maximum cost effectiveness for their operations and advice clients on how to adopt appropriate indirect tax planning measures in doing business to remain competitive and improving overall profitability of the entity.
  • Business and Personal Tax Incentives and Tax Credit 
The tax law provides businesses and individuals some tax incentives, reliefs and tax credits based on various demographics. Our team of professionals offer seasoned advice to business owners and individuals to enable them minimize their tax burdens.
  • Transfer Pricing 
We assist clients develop and implement economically supportable transfer pricing strategies and document policies that respond appropriately to regulatory demands.
Training and Skills Development
We offer bespoke training and capacity-building programmes tailored to meet the needs of organizations, businesses and individuals in Accounting, Budgeting and Taxation. Our high-quality training and skills development programmes are geared towards the development of organizations and staffs both at the managerial and junior levels. Recognizing the varied roles, experiences, knowledge and abilities of staffs, our training programmes are well-structured to build the desired knowledge and skills that will impact individual employee performance and increase job satisfaction for corporate growth and as well help promote compliance with a number of regulatory authorities.
We boast of a rich blend of highly skilled experts with longstanding experience providing training and facilitation services. 
We also recognize the need for emerging companies and entrepreneurs to develop their human capacities to promote growth and productivity. In line with this, we have tailored programmes designed for Startups and SMEs within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Within the scope of our training and skills development services, we provide for the facilitation of training webinars.
If you need cost-effective, competent and reliable training facilitators for large or small number of staff, we have the solution you need. We offer trainings which can be:
  • Delivered at our client’s facility by our industry-specialist trainers.
  • Scheduled at the most convenient time for your business.
  • Tailored to the training priorities and skill needs of your team.