60A Westlands Boulevard, West Legon, Accra, Ghana. +233 (0) 302972263



Who We Are

Firstcode Management Services (“Firstcode”) is a leading provider of corporate support services in Ghana. We provide regulatory compliance and management support services and we bring to clients our in-depth understanding of the Ghanaian business environment as well as our support expertise required by companies to enable them focus on their core business.
We offer business planning and support services to foreign and indigenous investors seeking to do business in Ghana or expand their markets. We assist investors to set up their businesses, scale up operations and meet regulatory requirements. 
Firstcode is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company registered with the regulatory and industry bodies such as the Data Protection Commission, Ghana Association of Restructuring and Insolvency Advisors (GARIA), INSOL International, Ghana South Africa Business Chamber and Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce.

What We Envision

“To be the most trusted and preferred indigenous brand in providing corporate support services”. 

What We Promise

Focus on your core business; trust us to deal with your back-office needs.
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What We Do

We commit full resources by way of facilitation and advisory services to provide specialist corporate support services to investors who seek to do business in Ghana and existing businesses with back-office needs.
We provide value-added services designed to safeguard shareholders, directors and other stakeholders against risk and challenges in the market place, maximize value and protect corporate brands. We also provide capacity-building and skills development on thematic areas for business growth.
We support clients from setting up, scaling up to (sometimes, unfortunately) winding up.

Our Way

We invest in relationships to better understand the complex needs of our clients in Ghana’s dynamic business environment. 
We have a better understanding which goes beyond the competition of the business environment in Ghana, evidenced by the results we have delivered and continue to deliver for local and international business concerns. At Firstcode, we draw on a large pool of expertise and experience within a network of resources to provide value for our clients.
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